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Strategic Sourcing

Strategic sourcing is about having an intimate understanding of our clients business and a comprehensive approach to enhancing their staffing requirements.

Working closely with the client to really understand their business gives CORADIX a clear set of requirements to begin our process of finding ideal candidates that can help with satisfying everything from meeting peaks in workload cycles, to finding scarce resources that can be agents of change in our client’s organization.

CORADIX employs a tested set of recruiting and hiring practices that produces a very high probability of success in our placements.

Our screening process uses a combination of soft and hard skills measurement that is closely aligned with our clients’ technical and business culture.

If the requirement is highly specialized, our recruiters will often obtain counsel from a “subject matter expert” in order to increase our knowledge and understanding of the resources that we are searching for.

Special attention to the personality, and personal situations of our prospective candidates is a big part of getting it right the first time. Our goal to exceed expectations will only be accomplished if we create an ideal situation for both the client and the candidate, where all factors are taking into consideration.


To exceed the expectations of our clients and consultants.


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