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Since 1995 CORADIX has been evolving its capabilities to assist its clients in the development and implementation of Information Management strategy. Our experience began with the development of best practices for relational database technologies and record management systems.
Today our capabilities include expertise in the full life cycle of Information Management – from the capture and retrieval of both structured and unstructured data, the business process that supports it, the governance that controls it, and the system security that protects it. CORADIX can help in the planning stages, the full implementation, and the on-going maintenance and support, including the strategic sourcing of both permanent and contract based resources.
This chart represents CORADIX’ view of Information Management, our areas of expertise, and how they fit together.
Our goal is to assist clients to better achieve their corporate mandates through the effective utilization of information systems. CORADIX focuses on business needs – technology is a means to an end, and not the end itself. We deliver practical and effective solutions that support organizational goals and provide measurable business benefits.
Some of our areas of expertise include:

  • Strategic Planning: CORADIX will help with the alignment of the information system goals to business goals and the development of pragmatic tactical plans to achieve clearly defined deliverables and results.
  • Project Management Office: Experienced and certified project managers and project support specialists utilize state-of-the-art project management practices to ensure that projects meet their predetermined objectives.
  • Feasibility Studies: Organizational decisions will have long-reaching consequences. CORADIX helps clients to make the right decisions and to understand the impacts and ramifications of these decisions.
  • Change Realization/Business Transformation: Organizations must continually move forward to meet changing conditions and new developments. However, change must be handled sensitively and knowledgeably in order to ensure that it is a pleasant experience for all those involved. There is no point investing in a new system if the stakeholders do not use it to its full advantage. CORADIX personnel have assisted numerous organizations to effectively implement productive changes in a positive rewarding manner.
  • Quality Management: CORADIX can assist an organization to implement a quality culture that will assist in the avoidance of defects in products and services, one that will be subject to a continuous improvement process. Unlike quality testing, the idea is to prevent defects as opposed to measuring them.
  • Risk Management: Pro-active identification and management of risks significantly enhances an organization’s – whether a project team or a whole department – ability to deal with unexpected circumstances and to continue to meet business objectives.
  • Operational Reviews: Many organizations make large investments in information systems often without achieving their full benefits. CORADIX specializes in operational reviews that identify inefficiencies, increase effectiveness, and streamline business systems.

The value-add of hiring a management consultant from CORADIX is knowing that you are hiring the skills and experience of the entire company. All projects are enhanced by quality management techniques such as peer reviews and the assistance of a Senior Advisory Board.

CORADIX has successfully delivered a wide range of customized software applications using both Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases. Responsible for the complete System Development Life Cycle (SDLC), we have built systems using front-end tools from Oracle and Microsoft, as well as Java, Cold Fusion, and IBM WebSphere products.
We are experienced in the use of a variety of CASE tools and leading edge software engineering methodologies, and/or can adapt to our clients’ internal methods. Regardless of the methodology, CORADIX adheres to industry standard best practices.
At the beginning of a project, CORADIX implements formal procedures commensurate with the level of complexity of the undertaking. We understand that a very simple tasking will require a minimum level of quality assurance, while a complex tasking requires a complex process that may include:

  • A formal Project Charter that documents the mission statement for the project, the major milestones, and deliverables. The Project Charter is a key element in allowing management from both parties to refer to a very concrete baseline for the success of the project
  • Progress Reporting to keep all parties informed of the project status and to identify any issues that should arise
  • A Change Management System agreed upon by all parties in order to manage the scope of the project
  • A Quality Management plan provides the best practices required to ensure a high quality product
  • A Risk Management plan that identifies potential problems, mitigation strategies, and contingency plans

All the above documents are organized in a project log file, with proper version control, as a central point of control for the Project Management team.

CORADIX has experience with hundreds of projects involving the maintenance, support and enhancement of database applications and network infrastructures. We have successfully delivered consistent quality to small and large implementations. CORADIX has consulted on a wide range of infrastructure support projects including the planning, migration and deployment of network operating systems and their ancillary supporting products. When performing outsourcing projects, CORADIX incorporates industry standard best practices into our clients’ operations.
Support contracts enjoy the benefit of many years of CORADIX experience. Our Continuous Improvement Process is aimed at continually increasing the quality of our services and the overall well-being of our consultants. CORADIX’ comprehensive strategy includes many proactive measures that allow us to react to a variety of unforeseen events, thereby reducing the risk to our client projects.
Our experience includes the maintenance and support of large enterprise databases on mainframes, client-server and web-based architectures. These customized and commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) applications include Data Warehouse/BI, Document and Records Management Systems, and diverse custom-built mission critical applications.

Strategic sourcing is about having an intimate understanding of our clients business and a comprehensive approach to enhancing their staffing requirements.

Working closely with the client to really understand their business gives CORADIX a clear set of requirements to begin our process of finding ideal candidates that can help with satisfying everything from meeting peaks in workload cycles, to finding scarce resources that can be agents of change in our client’s organization.

CORADIX employs at tested set of recruiting and hiring practices that produces a very high probability of success in our placements.

Our screening process uses a combination of soft and hard skills measurement that is closely aligned with our clients’ technical and business culture.

If the requirement is highly specialized, our recruiters will often obtain counsel from a “subject matter expert” in order to increase our knowledge and understanding of the resources that we are searching for.

Special attention to the personality, and personal situations of our prospective candidates is a big part of getting it right the first time. Our goal to exceed expectations will only be accomplished if we create an ideal situation for both the client and the candidate, where all factors are taking into consideration.


To exceed the expectations of our clients and consultants.


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