Core Competencies


For 19 years, CORADIX has been helping the Canadian Federal Government manage its documents and records. Our skilled professionals have led our clients through ad-hoc systems approaches, RDIMS implementations and reviews, Recordkeeping Directive compliance and now GCDocs readiness and implementation. Throughout the experience, we have participated with industry groups, software vendors and user forums to maintain a sound understanding of all aspects of Electronic Document and Records Management (EDRMS) and its role in supporting modern, public sector Information Management practices.

As the government moves forward, we help our clients keep pace by providing expert advice and experience resources in taxonomy management, automated classification practices, file plan development, IM communications and training and the integration of case based records and document management. We also understand that significant work remains to be done with physical records and digitization practices.

Today’s government organization simply does not have the resources needed to effectively manage the huge volume of information it processes. Old manual-based practices simply can’t keep up with the demand. At CORADIX, we have had an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Practice for over 10 years to specifically address this issue. Our ECM team understands government IM processes and practices, knows which technologies work and which are still developing and can help successfully bring the right combination of technology and practice into your organization.

CORADIX’ Document and Records Management expertise and service offerings include:

  • Business Case Development
  • Architecture Reviews
  • RK Compliance Assessment and remediation
  • Full Life Cycle EDRMS implementations
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Business Transformation and automation
  • Taxonomy development
  • File Classification Systems Design
  • IM Policy Development and Implementation
  • Case Management system integration

CORADIX works very closely with its technology partners while consistently maintaining our impartiality with regard to technology selection. We maintain membership in server vendor partner programs providing access to technical documentation and training so we can provide the best level of information available. We do not earn revenue through any license sales. Adherence to the fundamental principle of matching business drivers to technology choices has always been a cornerstone of the CORADIX value proposition to our clients.


To exceed the expectations of our clients and consultants.


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