Core Competencies

Business Intelligence

CORADIX’ approach to Business Intelligence (BI) is to focus on how we can help you to “increase and maintain the relevancy of BI in your organization”.

There are many ways to achieve this goal, but there is fundamentally one outcome that really matters – the ability to create business value from information assets, and this business value must translate into profit or efficiency gains in order to remain relevant in the long term.

The approach to achieving these goals can be very tactical – like harvesting the low hanging fruit by mining easy to collect data and transforming it into valuable knowledge to make better decisions. Or, developing a complete Data Management Strategy that will allow for continually increasing the business value of an organizations information assets. This may include a Data Warehouse, BI tools, and processes that allow an organization to exploit leading edge ways of analyzing the past, and predicting future trends in order to make better business decisions.

The tactical and strategic approaches are not mutually exclusive, and in fact you should at doing both simultaneously.

We recommend that you begin the process with a clear assessment of the status quo by conducting a CORADIX BI site survey. Having a clear view of where you are in terms of organizational capacity and IM maturity are essential to know before attempting to build your BI roadmap.

There are many moving parts to a successful BI program, and many ways of generating the outputs that lead to creating real business value. CORADIX can help you understand the different parts of the process, and ensure that you create a dynamic environment that allows the BI infrastructure to stay in synch with the ever changing business environment. Selecting tools is the easy part! Creating an environment that allows you to exploit them is the real challenge.

CORADIX services include:

  • Business Analytics
  • BI Site Survey
  • BI Program Enablement, Development & Assessments i.e. Site Assessment, Strategies
  • BI Roadmaps
  • BI Governance – BI Center of Excellence/Competency (BICC)
  • Predictive Analytics & Data Mining Strategies
  • BI Best Practices and Training – TDWI & CBIP Certification
  • Data Management
  • Data Warehouse Design and Development
  • Data Management Enablement, Development & Assessments
  • Guide Master Data Management (MDM) Strategies
  • Data Quality, Meta Data, Architecture Strategies
  • Data Governance Development
  • Open Data Readiness Assessments
  • Big Data Platform Support, Development, Strategies
  • Best Practices Methodologies supported by DATA Management International (DAMA)

CORADIX has experience in the following technologies:

Application Platforms:

IBM CognosOracleBIRST
SAPTableauInformation Builders



InformaticaIBM Infosphere Datastage
Oracle PL/SQLIBM DataManager

Database Platforms:

MS SQL ServerNetezza


BI Site Survey

CORADIX’ Business Intelligence Practice has developed a comprehensive “Site Survey” to help our clients gain a better understanding of their organizations capacity and state of readiness to deliver BI solutions, from both a business and technology perspective.

Site Survey Objectives

  • Find the strengths/weaknesses of your BI Program
  • Improve/get started with your BI Program
  • Improve/develop a go-forward plan for your BI Program

CORADIX Methodology

  • Based upon The Data Warehouse Institute (TDWI) framework for BI Program Assessment
  • CORADIX’ customized application and expansion of the framework
  • Interviews and background reading
  • Summarize findings of the discovery process
  • Review by CORADIX/BI Advisory Board
  • Conclude with go-forward recommendations

Deliverable – CORADIX Report

  • Provides a baseline assessment of where your BI Program stands today
  • Identifies potential areas for improvement
  • Provides foundation upon which to develop your BI vision and action plan
  • Recommendations and next steps

BI Benchmark Framework

  1. Delivery
  2. Development
  3. Data
  4. Architecture
  5. Value
  6. Funding
  7. Sponsorship
  8. Scope
  9. Other Potential Criteria
    • Environmental Conditions
    • Continuous Process Improvement Philosophy
    • BI Trends
    • Business Transformation
    • Procurement Processes


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