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Private Sector

CORADIX would be pleased to offer advice on the appropriate length of the resume and content for your specific needs. Download a template to construct a winning private sector resume: Private Sector Template 


Contrary to the common wisdom in the field of resume preparation, we advise against the belief that a resume should be no more than two pages. If you are seeking contract work in the IM/IT field, we suggest that you provide enough detail in your resume to allow the potential client to have an appreciation of your overall capabilities, and some specific project information with descriptions of the technical environment.

We recommend a longer more descriptive resume because the client is concerned with your direct work experiences that will help solve problems as soon as you walk in the door. In a competitive bid process, your resume must reflect extensive experience with each and every one of the client’s requirements, which inevitably means a long and detailed resume.

For these reasons and depending upon the length of your experience, your resume may range from four to ten and in some cases even twenty or more pages. As a general rule, details are required only for the most recent 10 years’ experience, but there are exceptions.

Download a template to construct a winning public sector resume: Government Template


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